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XO Fun in Open Air

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It was the second year in a roll for OLPC APAC to bring our XO laptops to meet the public in an open-air fun fair in the streets of Sheung Wan. At the IT Fun Day 2009 organized by the Central and Western District Council, our adorable XO laptops were, again, a favourite.

OLPC @ BlogFest.Asia

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OLPC APAC's team of volunteers was at BlogFest.Asia (6-8 Nov), the first ever regional gathering for blogger community held in Asia organized by DotAsia, to promote the work of OLPC to participants.

OLPC Founder Prof Nicholas Negroponte in Hong Kong

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Early November 2009, Professor Nicholas Negroponte was in Hong Kong briefly.  OLPC APAC was delighted to be able to host a dinner and talk where Prof Negroponte gave us a glimpse of what's to come in terms of the development of the third generation of the XO and the future goals of OLPC.

Many of the attendees are from the industries of information technology, computer science, education and alumni of MIT.  We all had a wonderful evening of sharing experiences from various fields of work.

See photos:

OLPC Dinner with Prof. Negroponte

XOs in Thimphu Bhutan

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Early October 2009, OLPC APAC delivered 250 XOs to the remote mountainous empire of Bhutan. 

At the rural Kuzhugchen Community Primary School, the OLPC APAC team of volunteers was able to set up a school server with Wi-Fi Internet connection in addition to training both teachers and students for five days.

The XO was very well received by all the students, teachers and government officials.  We hope to work with the Bhutanese government to achieve the goal of Bhutan being the first country in Asia to provide all its primary school students with an XO.

See Photos:

First OLPC deployment in Bhutan

OLPC and Open Source Communities

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As supporters of the open source and creative commons movement, a team of volunteers representing OLPC APAC were at the Software Freedom Day 2009 Hong Kong to share and demonstrate the open source and collaborative learning platform for children in need offered by OLPC's XO laptops. Software Freedom Day Hong Kong was organised by the Opensource Application Knowledge Association and held at the City University of Hong Kong.

There was also considerable interest about the work of OLPC APAC at the Software Freedom Day in Taiwan, where a brief presentation about our work was made.

See Photos:

OLPC Booth at Software Freedom Day

First OLPC Deployment in Sichuan, China

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On the last day of school in June 2009, 1,000 XO laptops reached the hands of eager school children of Puyang Primary School, Dujiangyan, Sichuan, marking an important milestone in OLPC APAC's pilot scheme to donate XO laptops to children affected by the massive Sichuan earthquake on 12 May 2008.

Puyang Primary School is the first school in China to ever receive XO laptops. First encounter workshops were conducted for students to familiarize them with the child-friendly laptop, and a school server had been set up to enable internet access and collaboration among the children. Follow-up is underway during the summer holiday.

Learn more about the story of OLPC APAC's first deployment in China and find out how you can help more children in China obtain access to XO laptops.

A team of volunteers from OLPC Asia Pacific, led by our President Anthony Wong, was in Puyang Primary School, Dujiangyan, Sichuan from April 11 to 13 to familiarize the teachers with XO laptops. Puyang Primary School is the first school to be deployed with XO laptops in our Sichuan pilot scheme. A two-day train-the-trainers workshop was conducted for 70 teachers, who turned into curious learners with their first XO laptops. A total of 1000 XO laptops are donated to students of the school and will be in the hands of the students during summer holiday.

XOs inspires children's outreach program in Hong Kong

Thanks to the generous donation of 100 XO laptops by the Communications Association of Hong Kong, children can now try their hands on the learning wonders of OLPC's XO laptops, right here in Hong Kong.

OLPC Asia Pacific, in association with The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Communications Association of Hong Kong is operating a one-year outreach program to bring the revolutionary learning platform of our XO laptops to children in Tin Shui Wai and Peng Shek.

Train the Trainers - Hong Kong

Volunteers were being trained up to gear up for a children's outreach program in Hong Kong, using the learning platform of our XO laptops.

A training workshop was conducted for volunteer trainers of the program at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG).

OLPC's new Youth Ambassador - Chan Yik Hei

Hong Kong's young inventor Chan Yik Hei is appointed the OLPC Youth Ambassador for Asia Pacific.

In an announcement ceremony at BookFest @ HK, Yik Hei, together with Anthony Wong, President of OLPC Asia Pacific, leads a group of primary school students to connect through fun-filled learning activities of our XO laptops.

In an act of delightful surprise to everyone, Anthony and Yik Hei dropped their XO laptops off stage, demonstrating the legendary toughness of our XOs developed especially for children's usage in diversified environments.

XO Laptop

OLPC, Our Mission