OLPC celebrates the Year of the Dragon! 恭喜發財!

Western Market group photo

恭喜發財! (Kung hey fat choi!) Last Friday, we gathered 16 OLPC supporters for one simple mission: assemble an XO dragon at different spots of Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year. Between us all, we managed to collect 13 laptops plus a few tidbits (including some pens, plastic cups, stress balls, hanging clips and bananas!), and the only limit was our imagination, of course.

The evening started off with a warm-up run at Western Market in Sheung Wan. As with any team project, our work evolved from a quick brainstorming session to delegation by different body parts, and our first dragon -- pictured above -- was born within minutes. If you look closely, we actually used some of the batteries as legs! This is the kind of "out of the box" thinking that we aim to promote to children everywhere.

Team work at Western Market

After a second run to improve our efficiency, it was time to hop onto the tram. Read on to see how our tour went.
About to board the tram

XO dragon on the tramThere was a very good reason for why we started at Western Market: it was where the tram line started, which meant we could all secure seats on the top floor! Seeing that there weren't too many passengers on board to begin with, we decided to summon our XO dragon before things got busy. But even without the dragon out in its full glory, we were glad that fellow passengers were intrigued by our laptops. Ah, the curiosity in us all.

Before long, our tram brought us to our first destination: the Hong Kong Central Library. While the building was closed, it was conveniently located opposite the bustling Chinese New Year market in Victoria Park, so it wasn't surprising to see many spectators gathering around us while we reassembled our dragon. In fact, we're very grateful that the police let us use the nearby stairs afterwards for maximum exposure -- we even had fans asking for photos to be taken with the dragon!

Outside the Hong Kong Central Library

Dragon up close

XO dragon on the stairs

The night was young, but the next stop we headed to was a lot quieter. We took the westbound tram back to HSBC's headquarter and only saw the remaining folks at the Occupy Central base camp. Luckily, there were some lions available to keep our dragon company. May the two creatures bring courage, energy and wisdom to children all over the world!

Decorating the lion

Lion and dragon

The temperature dropped very quickly at that point, so we decided to make two more stops before wrapping up -- we "walked" our XO dragon to the old Legislative Council Building and a nearby fountain for a quick photo shoot.

Old Legco building

We just about managed this shot below before a security guard walked towards us. Pretty sure he would have been fine with our little event, anyway. :)

Dragon at LegCo

Our final shot at the fountain next to the Cenotaph. Special care was taken to make sure it was a good one.

Final shot

Being super careful here...

Voila! And that book below the dragon? It's La Laptop XO En El Aula (The XO Laptop in the Classroom), authored by our special and very lively guest Sdenka Zobeida Salas Pilco from Peru!

Final shot

And here's Sdenka!

Sdenka Salas

You can see our full photo album here, and as always, any donation to OLPC Asia is fully appreciated. No matter where you are, we wish you all a fantastic Year of the Dragon!


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