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November 17 - 20, Sichuan Deployment

OLPC APAC has once again returned to Sichuan for another deployment. This time volunteers from Hong Kong and in concert with local Sichuanese volunteers descended on Jintang County just 28 kilometers away from Chengdu for the deployment.

Our mission: to conduct XO training workshops, install school servers plus WiFi access points, and to install new localization patches on 1000 units of XO laptops. These laptops will be deployed with three area primary schools; Anbang Primary School, Experimental Primary School and Xixian Primary School.

Xixian Primary School will serve as our key pilot school as XO laptops will be provided to every student between the grades of two to five. While at the other two schools, XO laptops will only be distributed to fourth graders.

Day 1 - Welcome ceremony and prepping the XO laptops

_MG_0274 _MG_0240 _MG_0262

For the next 3 days, we will be calling Anbang Primary School our new home as we toil late into the night prepping 1000 units of XO laptops and conducting morning training workshops for both the teachers and children. The students at Anbang were extremely cheerful and courteous as they greeted the volunteers with a big smile and called us "uncle" or "aunt". Needless to say, the ladies weren't too fond of being called "aunts" all day long and would rather be greeted with a "younger" title.

Day 2 - Teacher training workshop with OLPC volunteers

_MG_0694 _MG_0728
_MG_0733 _MG_0693

Day 3 - Children training workshop with OLPC volunteers and installing the school server

Day 3.... meeting the kids!!! The morning at Anbang Primary was the coldest morning yet but our spirits are high and we're all excited for we know today is a day like no other. After flying hundreds of miles on a red eye flight and working like slaves for the past 2 days, it all comes down to today. One might say today is defining moment of the entire trip. Today we will be hosting a training workshop for around 60 students from the three area schools. Throughout the training workshop, the kids were fully engaged with the various learning activities in the XO laptops. At one point, we even invited two kids up to the stage to share their learning experiences and had them teach the rest of the class on completing certain tasks with the XO laptops. While that is going on, the tech team visited the other 2 schools to config and install the school servers and the WiFi access points. Being able to witness first hand the kids having fun exploring and learning on the XO laptops while collaborating with their friends on what they have learned made the red eye flight and the hard work from the previous 2 days all worth the while....

_MG_0829 _MG_0999 _MG_0851
_MG_0807 _MG_1010 _MG_0982

The Team and Food

_MG_0065 _MG_0278 _MG_0793
_MG_1062 _MG_0187 _MG_0284








睡飽之後,今早我們回到金堂縣安邦保險小學校,爭取於下午的培訓班前完成 XO-1 手提電腦升級。由於星期六沒有課堂,校園比昨天平靜得多了,所以 XO-1 的「噹噹」開機聲音就更響亮了。


沒多久後,成都的志願者都到齊了。於是我們都轉移到樓上的課室輪流做了一個簡單的自我介紹 -- 原來當中都有很多電腦精英呢!當然,參與 OLPC 活動的人士不一定需要精通電腦;反而耐心及愛心才是首要的。



不經不覺,這一次已經是 OLPC Asia 的第四次四川任務,需要在成都把 1,000 台 XO-1 手提電腦分佈到三家大小不同的小學,可以想像到後勤方面會是相當的困難。沒關係,我們來動動腦筋也好呀。


這次行程經由深圳寶安國際機場飛到成都,從香港(巴士)到第一晚的酒店全程大約為六小時。剛上小巴到酒店的時候我們十六人還是精神奕奕的 -- 有的拍照,有的聊天,有的趕緊修復 XO-1 的軟件小毛病(在車上調試程式碼真不簡單) 。不過到踏入房間的時候都已經一點四十分了,難怪今天早餐出現了幾隻熊貓。


XO Laptop XO手提電腦

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