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Welcome to the new OLPC Blog! This blog will feature news and updates of our activities, sharing of personal experiences of our volunteers, and any other general information about OLPC which might be a tad bit too informal to be put onto the main website. We will have a writeup of the last Sichuan trip in June, some information about a new project in Bhutan, and our intern Anders will be sharing his experiences working as a volunteer for OLPC.

Stay tuned for updates! Atom users can find the link to the feed at the bottom right of this page.

歡迎光臨全新的 OLPC 部落格!這個新的部落格將有更多關於 OLPC (亞太區) 各活動的最新消息,亦將會有義工分享個人經歷,以及其他各類資訊。

即將於這個部落格更新的資訊包括今年六月在四川的捐贈和訓練活動,義工 Anders 分享在暑假期間在 OLPC 工作的經歷,以及我們展望九月於不丹進行的新工作項目。

請密切留意更新!Atom 的用家可於頁底右邊找到 Atom feed 的連結。

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