olpc BaseCamp

@ Malacca

16 ~ 18.11.2013

OLPC 2.0: the next journey

OLPC 2.0: the next journey

Who's coming

"Whoever comes is the right people...."

People who have expressed their participation:
Bernie Innocenti, Rabi Karmacharya,Jiang Dan, CC, Audrey Chan, Zakharia Primaditya, Walter Bender, Jing Zhang, Eve Pereira, Bunthoeun Chan, Learning Chest, Soon Chong Leong, Christoph Derndorfer, Adam Holt,Pow San Liu, Arun Kumar, TurtleArt,Tony Anderson, GuardianMum, TinyBoy, Ibrahim Abdul Mugis, Weida Zhang, Nancie Severs, William Hooi,Victoria Ho Tso, Haggen So, Raymond Lai, Preetam Rai, Loretta Chang, Anthony Wong, Wan Leung Wong, Kevin Poon, Danishka Navin,Kishwer Aziz, T.K. Kang

(more to come and not everybody is listed here)

Details of Basecampers

Rabi Karmacharya


Rabi is a social entrepreneur who launched OLE Nepal in 2007 to with the vision to use technology to improve the quality of primary education in Nepal’s public schools and to transform the way children learn through engagement, exploration and experimentation. Starting with a small pilot in 2008, OLE Nepal has expanded the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project in 55 schools in fourteen districts in the country in partnership with Nepal Government’s Department of Education, and with close coordination with other central and local level agencies within the Ministry of Education. Instead of simply distributing laptops, the project developed curriculum-based learning materials for English, Nepali, mathematics, and science, and trained teachers to integrate laptops and digital content in classroom teaching process. Rabi has extensive experience in technological innovation and management, and a conviction that young educated Nepalis have a critical role to play in nation building. He returned to Nepal in 2000 after studying and working in the US for several years, and founded and ran HimalayanTechies, one of the first successful software outsourcing companies in Nepal. He is currently the Chair of the company’s Board of Directors. Rabi is involved in various other ICT in Education programs, and has played an active role in preparing Nepal’s ICT in Education Master Plan

Bernie Innocenti


Bernie Innocenti is a Linux developer who volunteers for OLPC since 2007. In 2009, Bernie co-founded Sugar Labs, a community-led project to promote world-wide access to free and open education through a revolutionary computing environment for young learners designed around the principles of creativity and collaboration. Since then, Bernie worked tightly with the local engineering teams of various OLPC deployments and helped create the Dextrose Sugar distribution, which has become the official operating system of Paraguay, Uruguay and Australia.

Jiang Dan


My name is Jiang Dan, I`m master of science of the University of Hong Kong,studying information technology in education. My expertise is at e-learning and instructional design. Now I`m working for Smart Education company in HK as school service assistant. I once participated the 2010 Asia Games in Guangdong as a volunteer.



I’m CC, from mainland china and just graduated from Hong Kong University, getting Master of Education. I had taken a variety of volunteer activities in my college, Zhejiang University of Technology, such as helping elderly person of no family, doing works for communities and spending holidays with handicapped… All the things make me happy and feel achievability, cause I can help others.

Audrey Chan


I am Audrey. I just graduated from University of Hong Kong with degree of M.Sc. Information Technology in Education. I had three –year working experience in NGO and now work in HKU as research assistant. I contribute myself on developing learning experience with IT in Mainland China.

Zakharia Primaditya


I am a learning teacher in Ob Anggen ( Highland Papua Indonesia Schools) and humbly appreciate for what you are doing with OLPC and the movement to spread the good technology to everyone since early age. I am so excited to be part of the event that is gonna held in Malacca and really looking forward to it. I do fully agree how kids have to be introduced with upcoming technology as early as they can

Walter Bender

Walter Bender

I was at OLPC for several years and now I am a volunteer on the project. Walter Bender is founder and executive director of Sugar Labs, a non-profit foundation. In 2006, Bender co-founded the One Laptop per Child, a non-profit association with Nicholas Negroponte and Seymour Papert. As director of the MIT Media Laboratory, Bender led a team of researchers in fields as varied as tangible media to affective computing to lifelong kindergarten. In 1992, Bender founded the MIT News in the Future consortium, which launched the era of digital news.

Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang

Hi, my name is Jing and nice meeting you! I am now working at Google as a product marketing manager. I am glad to know about this basecamp from Loretta and am very interested to see if I can do anything to help. I am always impressed by kids' creativity and their ability to learn, especially those in under-developed regions. I'd love to work and play together with them and see if we can use widely available technologies to bring a bit of fun and change to their lives.

Eve Pereira


I am currently teaching in a Cambridge Learning Centre.. I'm now working with a team to provide free english language education through technology for the underserved and less affluent children. We would like to integrate OLPC with our project in the hope of broadening the children's learning perspective.

Chan Buntheoun

Learning Chest

Mr. Chan Buntheoun has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. He has been with SILAKA since 2002 as a volunteer in Administration Department. He was later promoted to be a full time staff in 2004 as an Information Assistant. He assisted SILAKA professional staff in maintaining and solving all IT problems in SILAKA's computer system, and maintaining internal network. Bunthoeun also is responsible for assisting SILAKA in securing quality publication of materials and maintain closed working relationship with the print shops.

Learning Chest

Learning Chest

What is inside me (Learning Chest) depends on what people bring to basecamp2013 for sharing. I hope to have the best tools for educational deployment!

Soon Chong Leong


Coordinator of Service:Rural & Urban Community Development, Malaysia Care

Christoph Derndorfer


My name is Christoph Derndorfer and I study computer science at Vienna University of Technology. Quite a bit of my spare time goes towards OLPC (Austria), a non-profit organization based in Vienna that supports the Sugar and One Laptop per Child (more widely known as the "$100 laptop") projects in various ways. Since May 2008 I've also been a co-editor at olpcnews.com. Aside from that I'm working on projects related to ICT and sustainability. Apart from that technology passion I also like travelling - a lot!

Adam Holt

Adam Holt

Adam served as OLPC's community support manager since 2007, and on Sugar Labs Oversight Board since 2009, organizing our grassroots network of technologists and educators and managing our repair centers and Contributors Program. He has been involved with many projects in Haiti over the past two years. He also connects members of various deployments to their most potent resource yet-- each other. Adam is the friendly face on many of OLPC's mailing lists, chat rooms and message boards. When members of the OLPC community need support (or perhaps a little management), they call Adam. Regardless of what time zone they are in, they can usually reach him.

Pow San Liu


Coming :-)

Arun Kumar


Coming :-)



Children teach me how to walk with programming instructions to create beautiful art work. I am TurtleArt at your service and you will find me as an important activity for constructionist learning in the OLPC XO.

Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson photo

I am a retired computer professional. I have been working on OLPC related developments since 2007. I have worked with OLE Nepal. I have directly supported deployments in Rwanda, Lesotho, Pakistan, and Haiti.

GuardianMum :-)

Smartgirl photo

I am GuardianMum and mindfully feed children's XO with internet and learning resources!


TinyBoy photo

I am TinyBoy and "I am coming to print 3D objects" and bring joy to children!

Ibrahim Abdul Mugis

Ibrahim Abdul Mugis photo

My name is Ibrahim Abdul Mugis, and a Ghanaian by nationality. At present, I am pursuing my studies as a Business Administration student at the Al-Madinah International University in Malaysia, majoring in (Marketing/Human Resource Management).I am in my final semester and will be graduating in December/January. I have had a decent academic record, along with significant achievements in the field of sports as well as the academic life other activities in my university. Both of which will ensure that I would be an asset for wherever I find myself.I have served several offices in the students Affairs department.My ideal passion is helping.I am a member of the GYBN-fundraising-WG,Young and Future Generations Day COP16 and have participated in their meetings. I am also the President of a young outstanding group by the name Free Relation which has been my passion from inception.It is an organization creating a platform to delve into the problems that the young and the youths are facing and finding some antidotes to it.We are into volunteerism and community service.

Weida Zhang

Weida Zhang photo

Literally I'm a freelancer now, if I wasn't two days ago. While I occasionally builds web pages, and hack some tools for myself, I particularly like all kinds of funny systems and computers. It happened in the Barcamp HK this year and met Haggen who was demonstrating the OLPC. That reminded me three years ago before I came to Hong Kong I was listening to the online radio exactly hosted by Haggen. I joined the OLPC Asia meetings and see if there is anything I can help. I'm so glad I could worked with T.K. and Loretta on this website. If I cannot attend this basecamp just because some unnecessary worrying about jobs, I would regret for the whole life.

Nancie Severs

Nancie Severs photo

Retired attorney and OLPC Volunteer, Nancie Severs brought the first XOs to Vietnam,. She assists with XO projects in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and mentors new projects and more. Together with Adam Holt, Nancie works with the OLPC Volunteer Contributors Program collecting, refurbishing and redistributing re-donated XOs, She hopes that her blog helps other volunteers doing similar work around the globe; ttp://blog.travelpod.com/travel-blog/nsevers/4/tpod.html An enthusiastic and creative problem solver, Nancie can teach XO hardware repairs, troubleshoot Sugar software, offer curriculum ideas and engage adults and children alike in the mission to make hands on digital learning a fun and positive experience. “I look forward to meeting everyone and to sharing and learning together!”

William Hooi

William Hooi photo

William Hooi is currently an educator research mentor at the Centre for Research & Applied Learning in Science, Science Centre Singapore. He conducts regular maker workshops involving Arduino & Makey Makey as well as mentoring students in their science & engineering projects, showing them how to build stuff using low-cost DIY materials. He advocates maker culture in Singapore through his involvement in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire and as the host of the bi-monthly Singapore Makers and Arduino Singapore meet ups. He is also the Singapore team lead for HacKIDemia, a global-networked mobile invention lab. He received his B.A.Sc (Materials Engineering) and M.Ed (Curriculum & teaching) degrees from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Western Australia Graduate School of Education.

Victoria Ho Tso

Victoria Tso photo

Hi, I'm Victoria, I have been volunteering at OLPC APAC for the past 4-5 years. I graduated from MIT with a degree in Management Science and have worked in finance and marketing. Currently, I am a full time mother with 2 teenagers. Because of my affinity with MIT, I feel close to the OLPC cause and because of my background, I'd like to think that I can contribute in areas of management, public relations and children's learning. During my recent visit to MIT, I was reminded of the MIT mission of "developing in each member of the MIT community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of mankind". I believe education is the greatest equalizer. Regardless of background and circumstance, education provides the means for a better life and I strongly feel that OLPC and the XO is one of the best vehicle to deliver this promise.

Haggen So

Haggen So photo

Dr. Haggen So is a volunteer of OLPC APAC and the former Project Manager for Creative Commons Hong Kong. He is also currently the chairperson of Hong Kong Linux User Group.

Raymond Lai

Raymond lai photo

I joined OLPC APAC by the time it was founded back in the winter of 2008, as a member of the technical team. I came after XO for 3 things that XO have: 1. laptops can be made with high endurance to drop and crash, 2. Fast != good, 3.Linux rulez. On top of it, I too believe in information technology can change people's way of life. In addition to getting people closer together and provide manpower to the industry, when less privileged people gained the ability to obtain information at low cost, they can know how to make tools, increase the output of their crops, or even find an overseas customer for their ethnic knittings. Embarrassingly, I didn't join a deployment out of Hong Kong at all, though I did joined with T.K, Kevin Poon and Kelvin Yu on a local pilot deployment with volunteers from Digital Literacy project... I just do technical support for the team, preparing customization packs for deployments, and explore different possibilities that XO and Sugar OS can do. At basecamp, I hope to getting touch with techies around the world for the OLPC project and hopefully, witness and support the deployment that would happen. See you there!

Preetram Rai

Preetam Rai photo

Preetam designs and facilitates events that cover social learning, community building and trends in Asia (http://bit.ly/preetamtalks). He was involved in training educators in one of the early 1:1 computing campuses in Asia and is often invited by official education organisations to help them formulate their ed-tech strategy. Preetam is the chairperson of education technology SIG at the Institute of Adult Learning in Singapore and an Evernote Education Ambassador.

Loretta Chang

Loretta Chang photo

I'm Loretta, nice to know you. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I am from Macau, neighbour of Hong Kong, who has transformed herself from a sleepy little town to the biggest casino haven in the world. Anyway, I grew up with too much brain to think and hands too ready to write. And a curious love for looking up at the blue sky. Then I started to study film in Hong Kong, believing it will help open my doors to appreciate, and to create. Well, it did in many ways. After years of blazing untrodden yet exciting paths in the fields of communication, I feel it is time to continue my adventure on a personal level. Perhaps there is something beautiful we can create together, in our capacity as individuals.

Anthony Wong

Anthony Wongphoto

Anthony Wong has three decades of experience in the telecommunications and technology sectors. He is also well connected with Governments and private sector organizations in Asia and in the international arena. Before retiring from the Hong Kong Government he was the Commissioner for Innovation and Technology and prior to that the Director General of Telecommunications in Hong Kong. He is now helping OLPC to promote and develop its mission in China and South East Asia. He is President of OLPC Asia Pacific.

Wan Leung Wong

Wan Leong Wong photo

A software developer in Hong Kong. Vice-chairperson of the Hong Kong Linux User Group since 2011. A free and opensource software supporter. I am very interested on the learning concept of the OLPC project. I am a volunteer of the OLPC Asia on help for the deployment since 2008.

Kevin Poon

Kevin Poon photo

Mr. POON Kevin Jar Heng obtained his Bachelor in Economics and Master in Knowledge Management from Western Michigan University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University respectively. He is now pursuing another M.Sc degree in Information Technology in Education (MScITE) from The University of Hong Kong. Kevin is currently a knowledge management consultant with significant experiences in implementing KM projects with major companies, NGOs and government agencies. Apart from his daily work, he is also a volunteer of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project, striving to bridge the digital and information divide through contributing to the development of ICT education and create educational opportunities for the world�s poorest children.

Danishka Navin

Danishka Navin photo

Danishka Navin is from based in Sri Lanka and is a Systems Engineer by profession and he do public speaking, community building/development and conducting awareness of Free and Open Source Software. In 2009 he found the Hanthana Linux Project. It has been deployed in more than 20 government schools in Sri Lanka and download more than 22,000 copies globally. The Hanthana Linux Project let local community to contribute back to global FOSS movement under Hanthana Linux Project. Several school students, teachers, university students and other users started contributing by spreading word, finding bugs, compiling documentation. Some of them have been filled bugs/issues against the upstream project (such as Fedora, LibreOffice, etc) after knowing the proper bug filling mechanism.In addition to Hanthana Linux Project, Danishka is working on several FOSS communities such as Mozilla, LibreOffice, Gnome, KDE and well known OLPC project. He is a package maintainer for Fedora and his main focus is Sugar Activities.Moreover he is working on deploying school ICT labs in financially deprecated schools, under Hanthana School Labs Project.

Twitter: @danishkanavin Blog:danishkanavin.blogspot.sg

Kishwer Aziz

Kishwer Aziz Photo

I am a retired banker who still does part time consulting with banks in the Middle East however since I gave up fiull time work I have devoted time to providing a high standard of education to children in deprived communities of Pakistan. I help run a free school for 250 boys an girls in a very poor area of karachi Pakistan. Since 20011 all the children in this schoo,l from class 1 to 8 have been provided with an XO laptop. We have integrated the XO into the curriculum. This is a private initiative and our friends and family have helped us raise the money for this effort. We have seen a transformation in how we teach and how children now learn at our school. These are kids who have no toys, gadgets, TV, music at home. So bringing them to the 21st century has been a wonderful experience. With no support system we have struggled to implement constructive learning with the help of the XO. I am hoping that at the Basecamp 2013 I will connect with people who have more experience who can help me optimise our work and help other schools in Pakistan.

Her work @Patheducation

T.K. Kang

Panda flipping OLPC

I am a registered Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong and Australia with extensive experience in helping people in diverse settings (from kindergarten to hospitals and Universities) over the past 30 years. I believe in the transformation power of technologies when I started the first dial-up electronic self-help network to enabled people with severe disabilities in Hong Kong to communicate and work from home. This was before the era of the internet in late 80s. Today I focus my energy to empower children with my volunteering at One Laptop per Child (OLPC). I consider myself an advocate of open learning on a mission to nurture a better generation and to get it right!